CONVERGENCE an acrylic painting series by Paul Garland
Fair Haven State Park
Series Development
with it’s many potential directions and applications has been central to my life as a painter. The pictorial language of Modernist Abstraction provides unlimited challenging opportunities to create new and unique worlds through painting.

I began a walking exercise program of three miles each day in the State Park near my studio in Fair Haven, NY. The park, located on the shore of Lake Ontario has ponds, swampland, fields, wooded areas, sculptural cliffs, hills and meadows. Slowly, the dramatic and ever changing quality of light, color, and form seen effecting water, foliage and sky increasingly permeated my consciousness. With time, my awareness and appreciation of the complex, variable and transcendent aspects of landscape maturated.

the two worlds of abstraction and naturalistic interpretation of the environment eventually became the central focus of the series CONVERGENCE.

I worked only with painting landscape exclusively for over a year, matching my response of being in nature with being in painting through nature. As I became more committed and attuned to my approach to naturalistic landscape I began to combine disparate and independent abstract elements. I became committed, not to painting abstract landscape, rather to representational landscape and abstraction in the same work. Part of each painting closely based on existing reality; part based on wholly invented abstraction.

now numbering over forty paintings continues with vigor and rigor. I have found numerous ways of bringing together two varied worlds, each different yet possessing strong parallels in their ultimate beauty and power.

painting at the State University of New York at Oswego over a thirty–year career was extremely rewarding for me. I was able to maintain an active studio and teach. Over a thirty year teaching career I requested and was granted seven full–year leaves from teaching to pursue painting free from academic responsibilities; at times with studios in New York City, London, England and Upstate NY. My active studio practice continues in the quiet town of Fair Haven, NY near Lake Ontario. Now retired from SUNY my active studio practice continues in Upstate NY.